We are a non-accredited, online educational ministry focused on adult learning of the Bible.

Our courses can be taken a la carte based on interest or in sequence toward the Certificate of Biblical Studies. While there are no prerequisites, we do recommend taking numbered courses in order (101 before 102 or 201 before 202).

All course material is in-depth and thorough and will challenge you to think critically about the Bible.

You can explore all our courses by viewing the course catalog.

Some of our courses are eligible for credit transfer. Please see our partnerships for more information.

Certificate of Biblical Studies

This certificate is ideal for any follower of Jesus who desires to dive deeper into their study of the Bible. Upon completing Unseen Realm 101 and 102 and Contemporary Post-Modern Apologetics 201 and 202, you will possess a strong Biblical understanding that will enable you to lead yourself and your family based on the Word of God.

Armed with a good foundation, you will be equipped to lead Bible studies in your local church and evangelize and defend the Word of God (apologetics) to others. Check with your local church leadership to see what is required to lead groups in your congregation or missions trips. You may also want to share with your church leaders how we partner with local churches to equip staff, lay leaders (elders, deacons, etc.), and congregations.