Our program teaches the Bible as a unifying meta-narrative. Using this distinctive approach, the Certificate in Biblical Studies will equip you to be a workman who knows how to correctly interpret the Bible by understanding the ancient historical and cultural contexts (2 Timothy 2:15). You will be prepared to defend the Bible as the inspired Word of God in a culture that is growing increasingly hostile and skeptical towards Christianity and the Bible (1 Peter 3:15).

The Certificate of Bible Studies consists of four courses.


Unseen Realm 101 and Unseen Realm 102 will open your eyes to the Bible’s unseen realm and help you develop the supernatural worldview the biblical writers possessed. By understanding God’s desire for both a supernatural family and a human family, these courses focus and build on the supernatural plotline of Psalm 82, Genesis 6, and Deuteronomy 32. With your newfound understanding of Elohim, the Sons of God, cosmic geography, and other supernatural concepts, you will be able to interpret the “weird” and difficult passages in the Bible that are often ignored and fully make sense of your Bible.

It is no longer good enough to quote the Bible. In the brave new world of the internet, skeptics are challenging what Christians believe like never before. Contemporary Post-Modern Apologetics 201 (Old Testament) and Contemporary Post-Modern Apologetics 202 (New Testament) will give you the tools and foundation to defend the Bible against the attacks of today’s culture. These courses focus on issues like, “Did a world-wide flood really happen?”, “Does the Old Testament borrow from the surrounding ancient contexts?”, “What about the synoptic problems of the different accounts of Jesus’s life?” Together these courses give you answers and the confidence that the Word of God is the most historically reliable document ever written.


When you complete our program, you can transfer credit hours to Redemption Seminary or Eternity Bible College. Learn more about our partnerships here.