Code of Conduct

You are expected to display Christ-like behavior when interacting with the instructors and students of AWKNG School of Theology. Inappropriate behavior such as offensive statements, harassment, bullying, taunting, etc. will not be tolerated. Initial inappropriate behavior will result in a warning and continued inappropriate behavior will result in removal of the course.


The primary method of communication during the course is email and the Activity Feed tool in Brightspace. You are responsible for providing a current email address, regularly checking the Activity Feed, and reading emails from AWKNG School of Theology (ASOT) in a timely manner. This includes monitoring your spam/junk folders to ensure emails are not overlooked. You are also responsible for reaching out with any questions/concerns regarding an ASOT email or activity feed post.

Course Access

During the semester, you have learner access to the course. This allows you to review the course content and take the quizzes. The day after a semester ends, you receive read-only access to the course. With read-only access, you can review the course content, but you cannot take any quizzes. You maintain read-only access to the course for one year from the course/semester start date. After one year, the course is deactivated, and you no longer have access to it. To access a course after it has been deactivated, you must re-enroll in the course.


Course Content

Courses are intellectual property of and owned by AWKNG School of Theology (ASOT). Enrolling in the course does not grant you any license to the course content. The course content is provided to you for the sole purpose of completing the course. Course content includes, but not limited to, recorded lectures, slide decks, supplemental texts provided as PDFs, meeting link for office hour sessions, etc. You cannot reproduce, distribute, modify, adapt, publish, exploit, license, or use the course content without the written consent of ASOT. If you violate this, ASOT will take legal action to remove the content, and you will be immediately removed from the course and no longer be able to participate in ASOT.

Course Completion

You have 17 weeks to complete the course, which consists of 15 modules. To successfully complete the course, you must take all 15 quizzes within the course/semester start and end dates. There is no minimum grade requirement to pass a quiz and you have unlimited attempts. Once you successfully complete the course, you are awarded a Course Completion Badge, which is issued within 14 business days after the course/semester ends.


No Endorsement

In the course, you are exposed to a variety of content. You cannot presume the instructor agrees with all points of any reading, video, or podcast the instructor has not authored or created.

Program Completion

To earn the Certificate in Biblical Studies, you must complete the following four courses:

  • Unseen Realm 101
  • Unseen Realm 102
  • Contemporary Post-Modern Apologetics 201 (Old Testament)
  • Contemporary Post-Modern Apologetics 202 (New Testament)

See Course Completion for requirements. When you completed all four courses, you must email [email protected] to request the certificate of completion. Your request will be processed within 14 business days.

Withdrawal and Refund

You may withdrawal from the course and receive a refund up until the course drop date. To withdraw from the course, you must email [email protected] and your request will be processed within 14 business days. Payments cannot be transferred to another course.

The course drop date for the spring 2022 semester is February 27, 2022. The table below outlines the refund policy for the spring 2022 semester.