Certificate of Biblical Doctrine: Online Seminary Training

by | Jan 16, 2024

Are you seeking to deepen your biblical understanding? AWKNG School of Theology offers a flexible and affordable online seminary training experience just for you. Our programs are designed to accommodate your pace of life, allowing you to progress through courses at a speed that suits your schedule. You can access our high-quality content from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need for travel and time away from your family or church.

Your theological journey is a deeply personal one, and we are here to support you every step of the way as you seek to further your biblical training and answer your call to ministry.

Why Further Your Education in Biblical Studies?

Furthering your education in biblical studies deepens your understanding of the Scriptures. It allows you to explore the rich theological and historical context of the Bible, helping you develop a more profound and nuanced relationship with God’s Word. As you dive deeper into biblical studies, you gain insights into diverse theological perspectives, fostering a broader and more biblical worldview.

This enhanced theological understanding equips you for more effective ministry. It enables you to teach and preach with greater authority and accuracy, helping you guide others in their journey of faith.

Moreover, a solid grounding in biblical studies empowers you to address complex theological questions and challenges that may arise in your ministry. Ultimately, the knowledge and wisdom gained through biblical education empowers you to serve your community, providing spiritual direction, compassion, and a deeper connection to the Scriptures.

It’s time to deepen your understanding of the Bible.

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Benefits of Online Seminary Training

Flexibility and Convenience:
AWKNG School of Theology’s online seminary training offers flexibility in terms of when and where you can study. Whether you’re a bivocational pastor or someone just wanting to go deeper in your study of Scripture, our online seminary training allows you to pursue a deeper theological education at your own pace.

Diverse Course Offerings:
Our online seminary training provides a wide range of courses. Spanning the Old and New Testament, our courses dive deep on topics such as the unseen realm, biblical cosmology, and apologetics. Our diverse course offerings will empower you to enhance and deepen your theological knowledge with teachings from renowned scholars and theologians.

AWKNG School of Theology takes accessibility seriously, offering online seminary training that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Our online platform is designed to accommodate your various life commitments, ensuring that theological education is within reach as you seek to deepen your understanding of faith and ministry.

At AWKNG School of Theology, our online seminary training gives you quality theological education at a price you can afford. We want to make sure everyone can easily access top-notch theological education that helps you understand the Bible better. And as a result, you’ll be a more effective minister to people in your community.

Why is Our Online Seminary Training Right for You?

Academic Quality and Credibility:
Our programs offer high-quality content, taught by top scholars and theologians. Through our partners, you can earn transfer credits for courses you complete through AWKNG School of Theology to certificate and degree programs from accredited and non-accredited institutions.

Flexibility and Affordability:
Many of our students have existing commitments such as work, family, or ministry responsibilities. Our programs allow you to study at your own pace and on your own time. Your ability to access course materials remotely is important to us, as we help you deepen your theological understanding and accommodate your season of life. And with our affordable payment plans, you can get the online seminary training you desire at a price that works for you.

Relevance to Ministry and Personal Growth:
At AWKNG School of Theology, our online seminary training is not only academically strong but also directly applicable to your ministry and personal spiritual growth. Our curriculum provides practical insights and skills for effective pastoral work, with opportunities for valuable personal development.

Get Your Certificate of Biblical Studies

Engage in theological topics that fully explore the hard-to-understand passages in God’s Word. Explore the supernatural and ancient context of the Scriptures and gain a deeper understanding of the Bible as one holistic story, with central themes woven throughout. The Certificate of Biblical Studies from AWKNG School of Theology (ASOT) is a stepping-stone to advanced degrees through our partners. And, our courses are more affordable than traditional seminary or graduate-level classes.

To complete this certificate, you’ll take four courses:

Unseen Realm 101
You’ll journey into the ancient world of the Old Testament to learn about the historical and cultural milieu of the Bible’s original authors and audiences.

Unseen Realm 102
In this course, you’ll pick up the supernatural plotline of the Bible, culminating in God establishing his natural and supernatural family in the book of Revelation.

Contemporary Post-Modern Apologetics 201 (Old Testament)
Thinking well about Scripture also means being able to answer the hard questions posed in the culture and church today. In this course, you’ll focus on Old Testament controversies that in today’s conversation provoke criticism of the Bible as a reliable source of spiritual, theological, and historical truth.

Contemporary Post-Modern Apologetics 202 (New Testament)
A continuation of Contemporary Post-Modern Apologetics 201, in this course you’ll focus on New Testament controversies that in today’s conversation provoke criticism of the Bible as a reliable source of spiritual, theological, and historical truth.

After completing the four courses, you will possess a strong biblical foundation that will enable you to lead yourself and your family based on the Word of God, lead Bible studies or small groups, and evangelize and defend the Word of God to others.

To enroll in our online Certificate of Biblical Studies, click here.

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