What are angels? Do angels have wings? What is the purpose of angels?

Dr. Michael S. Heiser, an expert on angels, breaks down some frequently asked questions we get at the AWKNG School of Theology about angels and the supernatural realm.

Angels in the Bible

Angels are mentioned many times in the Bible, yet they are the subject of much misunderstanding. Dr. Heiser is a world-renowned Old Testament scholar and the Executive Director of AWKNG School of Theology.

This clip from our course, Questions Aloud: Introduction to the Unseen Realm, gives a quick breakdown of angels in the Bible and the supernatural realm.

More about angels and the supernatural

If this video piqued your interest, then you may want to consider enrolling in Unseen Realm 101, an online deep-dive into the unseen realm, based on Dr. Michael Heiser’s book, The Unseen Realm.

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