This clip from the course Questions Aloud: Introduction to the Unseen Realm, explores the truth about demons and fallen angels. Dr. Heiser covers a lot of information in less than thirty minutes.

A simple definition of demons is that they are disembodied spirits that are hostile to God.

Are demons fallen angels?

Demons are not fallen angels. That is biblically inaccurate and an explanation based on tradition and not by examining the text.

Genesis 1-11 tells us about three rebellions that explain why evil and wickedness inhabit the earth and give us clues as to the origins of demons. The challenge in understanding these passages is that if you don’t study them in the ancient context in which they were written (ancient/dead languages and worldview), you’re filtering them through a modern perspective (English translations). There’s actually no passage that says that demons are fallen angels.

Studying demons and other supernatural beings

So where can you get more information about demons and other supernatural beings? The best study material is not available on the internet for free. Peer-reviewed scholarly journals are one of the tools helpful for understanding the ancient worldview of the Bible.

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Dr. Heiser is a world-renowned Old Testament Hebrew scholar, author, and the AWKNG School of Theology Executive Director.

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