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we have funded 120 student scholarships so far in 2022

We evaluate scholarship donations every month and award students who couldn’t otherwise afford a course.

Would you prayerfully consider blessing a fellow brother or sister in Christ with the gift of Biblical understanding?

lack of biblical literacy…

…is the greatest crisis in the global church.

AWKNG School of Theology is committed to equipping Christians with a deeper understanding of the Bible.

As Christians, we need the Word of God desperately for our growth, discipleship, and effectiveness.

So, why don’t more Christians engage with the Bible?

When asked about frustrations that keep Christians from engaging the Bible, Barna Group surveyors’ top answers included:

– “don’t know where to start”
– “language is difficult to relate to”
– “the layout is difficult to navigate”
– “don’t understand the background”

Simply put, it’s hard to engage with something you don’t understand.


Statistics show

67% of Bible-reading Americans never or rarely ever engage their Bible outside of a church service.

Barna, in their State of the Bible 2022 survey, found that scripturally engaged people have been declining over the last three years:

28% in 2019
25% in 2020
19% in 2021

Every year, the number of Christians who engage with the Bible decreases largely because they simply don’t understand it.

It’s time to do something about this!

When you partner with AWKNG School of Theology,

Your gift goes 100% towards our five initiatives. All administrative and faculty costs are covered by our course sales, allowing your donation to be 100% applied to these project areas:

1. Scholarship Fund

2. Translation of Courses

3. New Course Development

4. Resource Distribution

5. Entry Level Resources

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awkng school of theology stats

AWKNG School of Theology has given me the opportunity to grow more in the Word of God in the past two years than I had in the entire decade prior to enrolling. It has given me the tools I need to effectively minister to teens and men in the church where I serve.



Because of AWKNG School of Theology, understanding the supernatural worldview of the Bible and how it intersects with the practical Christian life has become one of my passions!



Learning how to read and study the text like an ancient Israelite (in its contexts of the ancient near East), really resolved and answered so many questions I had. It also helped me understand more the important core aspects of the faith, such as the image of God, the gospel, and their application for us today.



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