Online Bible Study


The differences between online Bible study courses and traditional forms of study are fewer than you may expect. AWKNG School of Theology has found a Department of Education study that found that “students in online conditions performed modestly better, on average, than those learning the same material through traditional face-to-face instruction.” Furthermore, “the effectiveness of online learning approaches appears quite broad across different content and learner types.” This means that the advantages of studying online Bible study courses, or any other type of course, is all with the student since this allows a very great amount of flexibility that is simply not on offer in the face-to-face methods of study.

AWKNG School of Theology offers online Bible study courses led by world-renowned Bible scholar Dr. Michael S. Heiser. These online Bible courses aim to interpret the Bible in the context that produced it instead of today’s Christian tradition and modern thinking. Students that attend our courses discover an incredible new relevance and coherence to the Bible when they read it in the same context, in which the writers produced the Bible.

online bible study

Adult Bible Study

By attending our adult Bible study courses online not only will you gain scholarly and academic insight into the Bible as well as opening your eyes to the supernatural meta-narrative of the Bible. Many AWKNG School of Theology students say that this gives them the feeling that they are reading the Bible for the first time again.

AWKNG School of Theology offers unique content not found at any other adult Bible study. Our additional non-accredited courses offer expanded course content by Dr. Heiser that you cannot get anywhere else. They have been created for our students who wish to go deeper in biblical knowledge of the issues and themes explored in the accredited courses.

Bible Study Courses At Home

The brilliance of joining a Bible study course at home is that you can, within certain boundaries such as the course start and end dates, go at your own pace and fit your study around your own schedule. AWKNG School of Theology courses are designed for the busy adult. The average AWKNG School of Theology student spends three to five hours a week on a course module, which includes completing an assignment, watching a one-hour video lecture, and completing an online quiz.


Daily Bible Study Online

We have found that scheduling a daily bible study online is the best way to move through our courses. There are currently four Bible courses online, accessible through the AWKNG School of Theology portal. In Unseen Realm 101 Dr. Michael Heiser uncovers what the Bible really says about the unseen world of the supernatural. Starting with the Old Testament, students systematically and progressively journey into the ancient worlds of the Old Testament and learn about the historical and cultural contexts of the Bible’s original authors, what influenced them, what their spiritual world-view was, and what audiences came to the scriptures already understanding. This thread of study continues in Unseen Realm 102, where Dr. Heiser builds on the concepts developed in Unseen Realm 101, with the significant transition to the New Testament. The course continues by picking up the supernatural plot line of the Bible, which rises to climax as God establishes his natural and supernatural family in the book of Revelation. The other two online Bible courses currently offered by AWKNG School of Theology are Contemporary Post-Modern Apologetics 201 (Old Testament) where Dr. Michael Heiser focuses on the controversies raised by the Old Testament that amount to criticisms in today’s conversation and consideration of the Bible as a reliable source of spiritual, theological, and historical truth. Completing this study is Contemporary Post-Modern Apologetics 202 (New Testament) where Dr. Heiser continues to build on the work done in Contemporary Post-Modern Apologetics 201, this time focusing on the similar issues and controversies found in the New Testament.

Online Bible Study Groups

Why not form an online Bible study group and go through the courses together, as a class would? There are very few limits that can be set on a determined student, and that’s what we cultivate, students with a thirst for knowledge and the spark to dig deeper, ask more questions, and pursue a greater knowledge of what is hiding in plain sight, what so many take for granted without asking the basic question: why?

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