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Bible study is an essential discipline for believers

AWKNG School of Theology was birthed out of the need for deeper Bible teaching to aid discipleship in the local church.

Discipleship begins with the church staff, but many churches cannot afford to pay for their employees’ tuition to seminary or continuing education.

Consider the facts:

  • Many staff members join church staff at a young age without full seminary training. You want to see them grow and develop in this area, but how?
  • Many church staffs are lean, and every team member has to pull their weight; often times wearing multiple hats. This leaves little time to spend on theological education without affecting work capacity.
  • Now more than ever, churches are faced with the need to know and teach the Bible on a deep level. Believers are hungry for in-depth teaching and non-believers want their questions answered.
  • Statistics show that Bible engagement is at an all-time low. As the Church, we have a crucial role in modeling scripture engagement to those we are shepherding, but for your staff to model it, they first have to be equipped.
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the best part

We offer deep discounts to pastors, churches, congregations, and ministries.

so, what’s in it for us?


We have a heart for God’s Church and want to help see it thrive! We believe that studying and engaging God’s Word produces healthier church leaders, and healthier church leaders produce healthier congregations, which benefits the entire body of Christ!

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