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Equipping churches and ministries in their discipleship efforts


As a leader, it is often difficult to equip your staff and congregation with deep theological training

AWKNG School of Theology was birthed out of the need for deeper Bible teaching to aid discipleship in the local church.

Consider the facts:

  • Most churches are confined to a 30-40min message once or twice a week which needs to be relatable to seasoned Christians as well as the unsaved.
  • You may have staff members to help carry the load of pastoring, but not enough manpower to launch a ministry solely focused on deeper theological training.
  • Perhaps you have young staff or volunteers, eager to serve in ministry, but not yet equipped with formalized theological training.
  • You have a strong desire to see your staff trained on a deeper level and provide a way for your congregation to also be equipped but may lack the resources needed to accomplish this. 
bible study

does any of this hit close to home?

the best part

You don’t have to do any of the work! All you have to do is offer the program to your staff and congregant, that’s it! We offer an affiliate program that allows churches to receive a revenue share of all sales that come from their congregation- providing an additional revenue stream for their church!

so, what’s in it for us?


We have a heart for God’s Church and want to help see it thrive! We believe that studying and engaging God’s Word produces healthier church leaders, and healthier church leaders produce healthier congregations, which benefits the entire body of Christ!

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equipping churches for theological teaching

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