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Outlined by Dr. Michael Heiser prior to his passing, this certificate is designed to equip students with seminary-level doctrinal teachings foundational to their theological training. It consists of 12 courses, some available now, with the rest continuing to be produced throughout 2024. All courses will be available for purchase through our course catalog. Students can begin taking the available courses today. Once all 12 courses have been released and a student has taken them, they will be eligible to receive their Certificate of Biblical Doctrine.

Coming Soon

  • New Testament Orientation
  • The Doctrine of Sanctification
  • The Doctrine of the Church
  • The Christian and the Law
  • Biblical Anthropology

And the best part about it is

When you enroll in one of these courses, your purchase is helping to make this program accessible and free to pastors and missionaries worldwide who are desperate for seminary-level training but lack the means and access to it.

Dr. Heiser always dreamed of creating a “seminary on a flash drive,” now formally known as The Pastoral Initiative, that could be given for free to underground and under-resourced pastors and missionaries worldwide to equip them theologically for the work of the ministry in their region. We are excited to see this become a reality!

We need your help

As you can imagine, this is not a small undertaking. Because of our generous donors, our 2023 financial goal has been met, with all course filming funded! However, there is still more to do. In 2024 we are now focusing our efforts on funding final edits for the last three courses as well as funding scholarships and translations. Please join us in praying for this endeavor, and if you feel led, consider enrolling in a course or donating towards these efforts!