At AWKNG School of Theology, we know it is important to get credit for your learning, which is why we have established partnerships with Redemption Seminary and Eternity Bible College.

When you complete the four core courses and earn your Certificate of Biblical studies, you have the option of transferring credit hours towards a non-accredited master’s degree with Redemption Seminary, or you can transfer credit hours towards an accredited certificate or bachelor’s degree with Eternity Bible College.

Our core courses are more affordable than traditional seminary or graduate-level classes and allow you to engage in theological topics that fully explore the hard-to-understand passages in God’s Word, the supernatural and ancient context of the Scriptures, and understanding the Bible as one holistic story with central themes woven throughout. 

Redemption Seminary

Redemption Seminary is a non-accredited institution of higher education. Through Redemption Seminary, you can transfer up to 6 credit hours towards a 36-hour Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS). When you complete the MABS, Redemption Seminary gives you the option to earn a second master’s degree that is expedited and accredited through Sioux Falls Seminary. For questions about our partnership with Redemption Seminary, visit their website or request information here.

eternity bible college

Eternity Bible College is an Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) accredited college. Through Eternity, you can transfer:

  • 11 elective credit hours towards a Bachelor of Biblical Studies; or
  • 12 credit hours towards a 27-credit hour Certificate in Biblical and Theological Exegesis.

You can start your journey with Eternity concurrently while you study at ASOT, after you finish, or whenever you like! For questions about our partnership with Eternity, visit their website or request information here.